A downloadable ERP Chatroom Simulator for Windows and macOS

~ ^ ~ ^ ~ hey there :3 *nuzzles* 25 m wolf hbu *pokes nose* ~ ^ ~ ^ ~

an ERP Chatroom simulator about intimacy in a time where we can be whatever we want to be. explore a fascinating corner of the internet and meet its kinky denizens

alternatively, you could just go to one of those forums, but if you'd rather get an abridged version, this is the place.


This game contains:

  • No explicit imagery, but...
  • Hyper-explicit sexual language
  • Mention and description of many different kinks
  • Lots of furries

I recommend not sharing this with a grandparent unless they are exceptionally weird.


Click on chat tabs to navigate through them, and input dialogue options by typing to match one of the prompts on screen (in gold) and hitting enter once it has turned green.


Mac Download 26 MB
Windows Download 25 MB


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Hitting enter doesnt work for some reason, it wont send the message once its green


Gee, I wonder what this was inspired by. :P
Amusing idea you have here.


is there a way i can lower the resolution or enter fullscreen? The window is too big to fit on my screen.


Old reply, but yes you can. Press LeftAlt + Enter to enter fullscreen.


how do i select the others in general chat?


if you hover over their usernames they will turn red and you can view their profiles!!!

unfortunately I didn’t have time to make profiles for all of them so only about 50% of them have ‘em


what i mean is... i can open their profiles, but not add in a conversation


The writing style is so reminiscent of the setting it's attempting to capture that it actually does make me second-hand embarrassed, which is a tremendously admirable feat. There is a pretty significant problem though, and that's that some phrases can't be finished and thus entered as responses. This railroads a lot of the interesting choices I otherwise would've wanted to make.

Oh! This is a good thing to catch! I don’t explain this well enough but you don’t need to type out the entire response, just enough to make it green and the other potential responses grey. As soon as you do that you can hit “Enter” to send 

I’m sorry that’s not clearly explained, and I’ll take a look to make sure all the blurbs are finishable!

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Wow, this game is really good. 10/10 gold star for you

Only one problem the games resolution is fixed so people with a monitor resolution lower than what seems to be 1920x1080 might have a hard time. other than that its a great game with a short but punchy story and a phenomenal art style.

Thank you for the kind words! And good catch on the resolution issue- I've caught a couple problems with the game that I want to patch up, and that's one I'll take a look at :)