A downloadable angsty D&D session for Windows and macOS

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Basements & Bugbears is a short story game about some friends who are pretty sad, probably gay, and certainly nerds. 

Try to inspire a group of people struggling with their personal bugbears over the course of one last session of B&B. Roll some dice, give some smooches, and slay a dragon. 

Maybe be a punk and smoke a joint? I don't know, we won't make you. It's your narrative-adventure-game-decision-making-life, pal.

Art, writing, programming, and all that sweet game shit by
Sydney Lang - https://koboldgay.itch.io/
Sam Celeste - https://neonblade.itch.io/

Music by
Lex Stout https://twitter.com/lexstout

Usability By

Joanna Yu - https://twitter.com/clavierao
Dylan Dizon

Thanks for reading the credits, you good samaritan. Not that it matters, the author is dead anyway.

... Not like, literally, we're all alive as of writing this. But figuratively. 

Just go play the game before this gets more existential.


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this was super sweet, very nice (:


....wow. definitely one of the most awesome games ive played in awhile. so awesome i cant think of a more insightful word to describe what i just experienced. thanks.

Thank you! We're thrilled you enjoyed our lil game so much :') 


totally did not cry nope nuhuh i did not not at all :)


I really, really loved this. Thank you for making it!

please update for mac :) I want to play!

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good game , gg 


Hi! Loved the game. May I use one of the pictures of the game for a small article I´m writing about indie games for my university newspaper? I´d obviously give credit and link the game.





You absolutely can! Feel free to take any media of the game and use it in your article

We’d also love to read the article once it’s done!


Lovely, thank you! Will do!


Here´s the link, hope you like it'! https://tinyurl.com/y3yvla3j

hey! this looks like a really nice game but when I tried to download it on my Mac it said you need to update the game to have it run on my Mac?

oh no! MacOS updates have probably broken it :/

I’ll see if I still have the project files and can make a new build of the game that’s compatible whatever the new Mac version is. 

okay, thank you!!

Android please

Try the method I talk about on my profile :)


Hope to seem more from this!


Oi there, Developer! Just wanted to show you some appreciation! Your game is amazing! Finally some good casual dialogues and interesting story telling. Btw, is the something more to that date with dragon? *ahem* Just asking for a friend...


Awh thank you, we're very happy you enjoy it!

While we wish there were a secret dragon dating simulator, it is unfortunately not meant to be </3 Tell your friend that we're just as disappointed as they are ;) 


I had this game a while on my pc but played it now. It's cute I really appreciate it. It gave my a little bit of courage maybe to go out again or try to make musik. Thx for that. (and also I love the art style)

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Thanks for reposting your delightful comment! I think I said we appreciated it last time, but I want to say again that we appreciate it :D 
(refelt thanks)


I finished this game. It really got me. I have a friend group and we play D&D together and of course all have struggles with life, identity, gayness, depression, self-esteem etc. A lot of the things the characters say in this game relate to me or one of the people I hold dear. I found myself really caring about these characters. The ending got me teared up. I have to say this game is underrated, should be more popular, I need my friends to know about it. I love the choice of unique animals for the characters, and the music is perfect.  i love this game


You're way too kind to us <3

Glad that you enjoyed it and that it resonated with you- we appreciate you taking the time to play and taking the time to leave a comment :)

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My comment may be poor, but i'm here because i want to express my opinion of this awesome creation, the game it's a little short, i know, but i enjoyed it to the last second and i got hooked to it from the start. 

The art, music, characters, ambient, incusion, and all made me love this adventure so much that i wished it to be longer

Well, all i wanted to say was: this is the best thing that i downloaded in my computer, you made hella good job, and keep it up!

Loved This Game!


Your comment's not poor at all, friend! In fact, it's pretty rich with kindness!

Thank you for taking the time to play and let us know how you enjoyed it. It means a lot!


Man, I love this game. Cool characters, good story and a very original idea.

The pixel art was amazing and it looked great, I also liked how it included gay characters in a pg-13 clean way.

The story is great, it would be amazing if you made a comic to continue the story.

Great job!


Awh thank you! We wanted to represent the wonderful diverse punks we roll dice with :)


Hey, just wanted to drop by and say, this game is one of the best things that I've seen in a while,

I have some personal issues of my own and this game just made me remember the good 'ol days of playing around with friends and such, made me realize some things too so yeah.... thanks a bunch man,

You keep being you.


Hey friend, glad that this brought up some good stuff for you :)

Thanks for playing, and thanks for letting us know <3 


This game is beautiful both writing and graphics wise. It makes for a very unique experience. It actually made me sit back and take a look at my own life and problems. 

It also made me want to get back into playing DnD with my friends X3.

Thank you for the kind words :)

Go forth and play D&D!!


When i saw "The End" my reaction was "NO NOT YET, PLEASE"


I know I'm like balls late but this was an... extremely lovely game? I super enjoyed the balance between gamestyles with the interludes and the tabletop, thank you for making this! (also i see that mage(?) of heart sprite in the bottom corner lmao what a throwback nice)


Awwwh thank you Jet! There's no expiry date on enjoying a game. We're glad to enjoyed it c: 

this was a truly amazing game. it had an interesting story that manages to catch your full attention, and deal with issues many people have after leaving high school. it managed to pull at my heartstrings and in the end, even had me crying a bit, like a good story should. thank you for making this game, gryph0n.

I can not get past the main screen, when I try to click on the menu items there is no response. I get the rain fall animation and the audio of thunder and rain but that is all.


Amazing game. :)


I really loved your game:)

thank yooooou! I really love that you loved our game 💜


Oh god i loved this game (especially Eugene) despite it only being like an hour or 2 i really enjoyed everything and i really hope you guys make another game 

Thank you so much! Your encouragement means a lot ❤️

AhhhhH! Thank you so much!


I really enjoyed this game! I felt real emotion from all the characters. I hope you make more games with these characters cause they are just so darn cute. Thank you for making such an awesome game! Can't wait to see what you have in store in the future!


Thank you so much 💜so happy that you enjoyed the game/its characters and thank you for playing!


Just finished your game, and I must say - it was surprisingly good, heart-melting even. Great work!


Ahhhh thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it ❤️

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awwwh thank you! you melt my heart with your kind words 💜


This was absolutely adorable, such a chill experience. It really brought back the memories of facing graduation for me. I just wanted to leave my computer on that last scene forever.


awwwwwth thank you very much 💜💜 I’m so glad that you enjoyed it (pro tip: I took a screenshot of the end screen and made it a desktop wallpaper because I’m a nerd hehe) 


For some reason my game won't open. Any ideas as to why?

What platform are you on? I’d suggest changing the graphics settings in the splash menu if you can get that far, otherwise on Mac it might be a permissions issue! 


Thank you! It finally works

Yay! Glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy :)


a rly nice game thank u for making it!!

BUH thank you so much!! 


I love my frieeeeeeeeends

ur friends love u 🐻💜